Sunday, December 27, 2015

Present Life and Future planning


I believe in peace and do something like what
 you like to do; It is more important for a live. 
"If you don't like the rule; follow the rule go to 
the top and change the rule"(Says by Adlof Hitler)
Do for the people it's the more important what you do for the country.Actually,i passed enjoyable day in my past. Now i know that life is full of struggle and so difficult for the present world. Anything isn't so easy for present time."If you love your service all are love you" (Says by A P J Abul Klam). Now i am looking for good service which is help my study as well as give me financial support. I am doing my graduation"Dhaka International University" faculty ofComputer Science Engineering.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Let's Know Interesting something about me

 "Past is better then Present"

                      This is Ariful Islam, i was born in
 7th November 1993. when i was in child  i have live in beautiful (Izzatpur) village near feni district, i have a lots of memory about it; go to school by cycle, swimming in funds, hangouts with friends.. i have live with my small sister, mother & grandmother my father is a expatriate. in a child i was attentive my study my favorite subject was mathematics& physics; i gota primary Scholarship when i was in class  8 ; i have successfully completed my secondary education in my village school with GPA 5.00